Qigong Exercises

Within traditional Chinese medicine, Qigong exercises are part of an ancient system for health and healing. Chinese medicine views the body as a whole, organic system. Qigong exercises use simple movements, stretching and breathing to reconnect the whole body, and in doing so, aims to restore the free flow of blood, qi and oxygen. As the flow gets restored, diligent practice of Qigong exercises establishes strong functional health, incites deep relaxation and provides emotional balance. Many people also use Qigong as a means of preventing illness.

When you practice a Qigong form, you will primarily be doing slow, methodic movements or holding static postures. The focus is breathing, stretching and adding strength to the core and the often neglected stabilizer muscles.

I have been a student of Qigong for 13 years and have been teaching since 2003. Please check out my resume for more details.

Under the stay-at-home order across North Carolina, healthcare is considered an “essential service”.

In order to adhere to recommendations, I am limiting the patients I will see. I will treat patients who, if left untreated, would otherwise need to resort to visiting a doctor’s office, urgent care, or the emergency room. I will also see patients whom I can help to avoid taking NSAIDs, opiates, or anything that could lower the immune system response.

The stay-at-home order is not aimed at making you suffer, but is intended to slow the curve of the spread of this infection. Your healthcare is important. If you have any questions about whether or not your appointment is essential, please reach out and we can decide the best course of action together.

Being that our office is one on one at ALL times, we feel that WE Can provide a sanitized environment and that it is essential that we do our part to help our overburdened health care system.


If you have a cough or fever, please do not come in for treatment! Stay at home and, if you would like, I can send you a herbal formula that will help.