High Blood Pressure (Hypertension)

Essential Hypertension is persistent high blood pressure without a defined cause. It is most common between the ages of 40 and 70. Aside from the main issue of the raised diastolic and/or systolic blood pressure, the most common symptoms people experience are a headache at the top of the head or near the eyes (often with dizziness), ringing of the ears, constipation, insomnia or irritability. Many patients who experience headaches may also experience stiffness of the neck muscles. Secondary Hypertension is raised blood pressure as the result of other illness and the most frequent symptoms people come to see me with are headaches, general tiredness and often edema.

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Purely from an acupuncture perspective internal heat effects the muscles and this does damage to the inner elastic layer of the blood vessels(intima) which causes them to tense or tighten. One of the things that have been “proven” by modern studies is that acupuncture triggers and improves blood flow. Acupuncture also has a unique ability to relax the body. When you come in for treatment I will not only work on fixing the primary symptoms you are experiencing, but I will also address the underlying cause of these issues.

For your first treatment, I will have you fill out paperwork that goes over many different aspects of your health, including which medications you are currently taking. Then we will sit down and talk about how long you have been having each symptom as well as how often. Once completed, I will review everything and come up with a treatment plan I think will provide the best results.

Many of my patients experience a huge difference with just ten to twelve weekly treatments, if not sooner. Once this happens I will send you back to your doctor so he can review your case and make the necessary adjustments to your medication. Since my goal is to get you healthy enough that you do not need acupuncture any more, we will start to space out your treatments. First we will shift to a bi-weekly schedule and once you are able to maintain your results for the entire time we will spread the acupuncture treatments out even more. Many patients quickly get to the point where they no longer need to come in for acupuncture or at the very least come in for treatments once or twice a year.