Acupuncture during Pregnancy

Shorten time in labor and decrease pain during delivery

There is a lot of media coverage about how acupuncture treatment can assist couples looking to conceive. I will cover that in another article, but want to focus this one on all of the ways acupuncture treatment can help as we approach the finishing line of pregnancy.

When you reach about 36 weeks, most couples are busy getting prepared for the big day. Parents-to-be are usually going to classes, making sure the baby’s room is all set up and packing the bag for the hospital. What people do not know is that one of the best things a couple can do at this time is schedule an acupuncture appointment.

From the 36th week until delivery you can receive acupuncture treatments to prepare the cervix and pelvis for labor.  At this stage of pregnancy, you will be treated once a week.  One of the benefits of acupuncture treatment is for you to spend less time in active labor, lessen the need for pain relief or medical intervention of any other kind.

Reports from patients after receiving acupuncture treatments have indicated that there is a noticeable reduction in the need  for any medical intervention. One of the additional benefits of acupuncture treatments is that women trend to go into spontaneous labor around their due dates. These women are also reporting that once labor starts it makes good steady progress without stopping, so the period from labor to delivery happens in a very efficient manner.

With acupuncture therapy we can also address any other issues you are having like pregnancy induced hypertension, heartburn or hemorrhoids. Acupuncture is also an amazing treatment for any emotional issues that arise, including fear and anxiety or even frustration.

I will also teach each couple acupuncture points they can stimulate with acupressure during labor. These acupuncture points have proven effective in helping the baby descend, promote cervical dilation, provide pain relief, promote an efficient second stage and reduce blood loss in the third stage. While acupuncture treatment is not currently available inside the delivery room, acupressure can still make a noticeable difference.


At Acupuncture Pain and Stress Center you will get more than a typical acupuncture treatment. Our style of acupuncture enhances the effects of needling by combining it with tuina massage, stretching and orthopedic movements to give you quicker and more effective results.

Our goal since 2010 has been to provide Raleigh, NC and its surrounding areas with the highest quality healthcare and compassionate patient-focused services. In addition to completion of a 4 year graduate program, we maintain a strong commitment to continuing education and ongoing research which ensures that we have the resources to provide you with exceptional, results-oriented acupuncture treatments.

If you keep doing exactly what you’ve been doing is your issue going to stay the same or worsen? Do something different and schedule your first appointment to determine if you are a good candidate for treatment. We pride ourselves on personalized treatments to get you results quickly so you can get back to enjoying life and doing the things you love.

Call (919) 260-4104 now, and I will be happy to answer any of your questions and get you booked for an appointment.

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