Did you know acupuncture is not just for chronic pain?

Sometimes it is that quick, easy fix we are all looking for.

Acupuncture treatment is well known for helping people heal from chronic issues. Acupuncture for pain relief is also well known. It is often the last thing on our minds when we get hit with regular illnesses though. This is often when patients cancel their regular appointments because they are sick. This is actually the prime time to come in for a acupuncture treatment though. There are lots of issues that can be treated in just 1 to 3 treatments.

Sinus Pain, Cold and Flu
Have you ever had a sinus infection or been knocked down by a cold or flu? Acupuncture treatment might not be the first thing that comes to your mind. If it is, you probably immediately think of the cost of a visit. However, if you take into account a typical copay ($35), prescription cost ($12) and days missed from work, it suddenly makes complete sense to come in for a treatment.

You could come in for one acupuncture treatment and leave feeling a whole lot better. Often, with a sinus infection, cold or a flu, that will be enough to get you back to work. Sometimes, depending on the severity, a follow-up appointment may be necessary to make sure it is totally resolved.

Does acupuncture work? Read this testimonial: “To say that I was skeptical about the probability that acupuncture could cure my chronic sinusitis would be a vast understatement. Jim proved me wrong, and that’s not easy to do. I felt great relief following my first appointment and my symptoms disappeared completely after the second. Jim is intentional, professional, and approachable. A gem if ever there were one.” – Larissa Peluso-Fleming


Sprains and Strains
I mentioned acupuncture for pain relief, but what are the benefits of acupuncture for injuries such as wrist or ankle sprains or hamstring strains? It can immediately reduce swelling and mitigate pain while increasing blood flow, thus reducing healing time significantly.

I treated two track Olympiads for shin splints who were in town training before the last summer Olympics. The acupuncture treatment allowed them to do their second training runs later that day with very little residual pain.

Pregnancy and Menstruation
Severe menstrual cramps can be bad enough to take you away from work. I have used acupuncture treatments to very quickly alleviate cramps so you can resume normal life right away. If this is an ongoing concern, you could then pursue a series of 3-5 treatments to eliminate this problem entirely.

Another great example is overdue pregnancy. I have done acupuncture treatments for women 41 to 43 weeks pregnant. I usually suggest these patients should plan on two visits but I have rarely needed the second one! It’s awesome to get a message from a patient saying they need to cancel the follow-up acupuncture treatment because they are in the hospital and have already given birth!

Does acupuncture work? Read this testimonial: I was referred to Jim by two different people when I started asking about acupuncture for pregnancy. I contacted Jim on Wed and he was able to see me Thursday. I was 40 wks and 6 days and determined I would have my son naturally. I had my son almost exactly 24 hrs after seeing Jim and had an amazing and quick labor! I’ll definitely be seeing him next pregnancy! – Courtney

It is also worth mentioning that it is great for pregnant patients come in for treatment at the 36th week. Weekly acupuncture treatments at this stage of pregnancy prepares the body for delivery. Reports from patients have indicated that there is a noticeable reduction in the need for medical intervention. Learn more here.

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