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chronic health issues?

My interpretation for the non-acupuncturist: When the body’s faced with illness and disease, it is as if there is a thorn, or blockage. No matter how long the body has been fighting to correct these issues, there is hope. Anyone who says there is no way of treating chronic illness are wrong.  The acupuncturists job […]

Acupuncture during Pregnancy

Shorten time in labor and decrease pain during delivery There is a lot of media coverage about how acupuncture treatment can assist couples looking to conceive. I will cover that in another article, but want to focus this one on all of the ways acupuncture treatment can help as we approach the finishing line of […]

Acupuncture relief for emotional issues

When someone comes to me for the treatment of emotional disturbances. No matter if it is acupuncture for anxiety, PTSD, depression, panic attacks or mania I look at more than just this diagnosis.  I talk to the patient about the exact symptoms that are going on emotionally as well as physically. I will ask about irritability, […]

Acupuncture helps IVF and Treats Infertility

New research shows that acupuncture therapy increases the chance of having a successful pregnancy. For this study acupuncturist at Oregon College of Oriental Medicine teamed up with the Northwest Center for Reproductive Sciences and University of Washington in a study that was designed as a retrospective analysis using the history of their treatments given at […]

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