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Study finds acupuncture for depression is an effective treatment

The interpretation of the results for clinical practice says 33% of acupuncture for depression patients, 29% of counseling patients and 18% of usual care patients achieved a successful treatment showing improvement in their depression. The number of treatments needed is also a useful way to interpret results. The study found that the number of treatments […]

What helps back pain?

The back is incredible. It supplies a solid support structure, enables us to carry incredibly heavy loads and also allows for rotation, extension and flexion. In order for our back to perform all of these tasks, there are multiple layers and patterns of muscle fibers that support the spine and each vertebra. In between each […]

What to do for neck pain

Did you know that it takes at least 26 different muscles to support the human head? Many of these muscles are tiny stabilizers. Within these muscle are a myriad of nerve pathways. It is no surprise that in such a small space where everything is so tightly packed, all it takes is one thing to […]

Common ways muscle knots form

Sometimes an obvious trauma such as a fall, or a hit during sports, cause muscle knots or trigger points to form. Most often, though, muscle knots are slowly developing without us even realizing it. Below are some of the most common ways muscle knots, trigger points and pain develop. Have you introduced new exercises to […]

Acupuncture for allergies?

Most people are excited when the warm weather starts to cool off and the trees start to change. People who suffer from allergies, and especially allergy-induced asthma, often dread this time of year. In Raleigh at this time of year ragweed is widespread and a big reason that there are so many allergy issues. Allergy […]

Acupuncture for tendonitis

Tendonitisis an inflammation of the tendon or its covering. Tendons are thick bands of fibers that connect muscles to bones. Most people assume a tendon injury happens suddenly, but generally it occurs as more and more tiny tears happen on the tendon over time. This is an overuse injury that is associated with repetitive action. […]

Are Trigger Points Ruining Your Life?

A trigger point is an extremely irritable band of muscle that sends pain to another area of your body, known as referral pain. In Chinese medicine we call these ashi or “Oh Yes!” points because when a therapist presses on it, even a little, the patient winces and shouts “OH YEAH! THAT’S THE SPOT.” These […]

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